The Search for True Fulfillment

The Search for True Fulfillment

There are so many places in our lives where we can feel broken. Our brokenness can often drive us away from God, when He wants us to take our brokenness and let it drive us to Him.

Do you feel:

  • Broken  – Do you wonder if God could ever heal your heart from the damage that’s been done?
  • Rejected You don’t feel like you measure up.
  • Ignored – Do you often feel overlooked, as though you don’t matter?
  • Empty/ Unfulfilled – Maybe you’re in a spiritual desert, and you just don’t feel God anymore. You know He’s there, but feeling Him is a whole other thing.
  • Lonely – There may be a pit of emptiness in the deepest parts of you that you can never seem to fill.
  • Forgotten, Misunderstood – Do you feel like no one really “gets” you?
  • Hopeless – Is despair a common feeling for you?
  • Inadequate / Not good enough / Something is wrong with you? –Are you afraid that people would reject you if they knew about your past? Maybe they already have.
  • Do you wear a mask? – You’ve worn a mask so long that you don’t even know who you really are without it.
  • Unloved, Angry or Guilt-ridden –  Guilt is something so many people carry, and we weren’t meant to carry this heavy burden.
  • Grieved  – Maybe an overwhelming sense of grief wakes you up at night
  • Failure – Do you feel like you’re a failure?
  • Regret?  Fearful – Do you feel paralyzed by worry and fear?
  • Maybe you don’t deal with any of these things, but your life is lacking the joy that you know you’re supposed to have.

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