Rebuilding Something Beautiful

Rebuilding Something Beautiful

That moment when you realize what has seemingly been falling apart over the past several months is something actually being dismantled by God Himself…

He’s not dismantling it to throw it away. He hasn’t given up, and He’s not done with it. He’s dismantling it so there can be a new and solid foundation and stable structure.

I’m not actually talking about this abandoned house that I took a picture of a few months ago.

I’m talking about my life, my heart, and my marriage. God has been at work, but it has been scary and unsettling for me these last several months.

I don’t talk about challenges in my marriage often, because people can jump to conclusions so easily, and it’s not something everyone needs to know about, anyhow.

The truth is, though, all marriages have challenges.

I wanted to share this today, because so often we can pray for God’s intervention, His healing in our lives and relationships, but we sit and watch everything fall apart right before our eyes. It can feel like God is ignoring us, or that the enemy somehow has the upper hand, and we can’t figure out why.

We can fight and fight to preserve what we have but continue to watch everything fall apart, nonetheless.

This past weekend, I caught a glimpse of what God is doing. I finally started to see that God has been taking what the enemy meant for harm, and He is using it to rebuild everything on a much more solid foundation.

I look forward to the day when I can share more about this. I will share more when it’s time.

God is at work. He’s building something beautiful, and it’s becoming more beautiful than Kevin and I ever thought it could be.

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