The Search for True Fulfillment

The Search for True Fulfillment

There are so many places in our lives where we can feel broken. Our brokenness can often drive us away from God, when He wants us to take our brokenness and let it drive us to Him.

Do you feel:

  • Broken  – Do you wonder if God could ever heal your heart from the damage that’s been done?
  • Rejected You don’t feel like you measure up.
  • Ignored – Do you often feel overlooked, as though you don’t matter?
  • Empty/ Unfulfilled – Maybe you’re in a spiritual desert, and you just don’t feel God anymore. You know He’s there, but feeling Him is a whole other thing.
  • Lonely – There may be a pit of emptiness in the deepest parts of you that you can never seem to fill.
  • Forgotten, Misunderstood – Do you feel like no one really “gets” you?
  • Hopeless – Is despair a common feeling for you?
  • Inadequate / Not good enough / Something is wrong with you? –Are you afraid that people would reject you if they knew about your past? Maybe they already have.
  • Do you wear a mask? – You’ve worn a mask so long that you don’t even know who you really are without it.
  • Unloved, Angry or Guilt-ridden –  Guilt is something so many people carry, and we weren’t meant to carry this heavy burden.
  • Grieved  – Maybe an overwhelming sense of grief wakes you up at night
  • Failure – Do you feel like you’re a failure?
  • Regret?  Fearful – Do you feel paralyzed by worry and fear?
  • Maybe you don’t deal with any of these things, but your life is lacking the joy that you know you’re supposed to have.


You might see yourself in several of the examples I gave, or maybe just one in particular.

For myself, the one thing I have dealt with many times in my life is the feeling of emptiness. This is something I have repeatedly needed to turn to Jesus for.

When I don’t turn to Him or look to Him for my worth, I start to feel incredibly empty.

How have you tried to meet the needs in your life?

What do we do when we feel swallowed up by the voids in our lives? So often we make the choice to give it to God, but then we either take it back or we slowly fall back into filling ourselves up with something else again. This can put us on a continual search for true fulfillment.

Do you know that God can truly fill every void in your heart?

A few years ago, my answer to that question would have been “No”. I would have verbally said, “Yes”, but deep inside I didn’t believe that He could truly fill the voids in my heart.

The voids in my heart felt too complex and not even on God’s radar.

Thankfully, I have realized since then that God can fill those needs in my heart, simply because He is the One who created me and knows exactly what I need.

You know that craving and yearning feeling you walk around with? Whether you realize it or not, you are yearning for God. It’s not something that can be turned off! This yearning can only be filled with an intimate relationship with Jesus.

When I first heard about intimacy with Jesus, I was a bit confused. I had never heard that word used in a context outside of sex, and I didn’t know how to apply it any other way.

Depending on your definition of intimacy, you may be uncomfortable with the thought of combining the words intimacy with Jesus like I was, but now I know it is beautiful and something I never want to go without again.

The intimacy we were each created to have with Jesus goes deeper than anything else we could experience with anyone else on this earth. Having an intimate relationship with Him involves having a deep, personal relationship with Him. Just like other relationships, this takes time to develop. As we invest time into Him and draw closer to Him, He will draw closer to us.

Have you experienced intimacy with Jesus? It is the answer to true fulfillment. 

We will never stop that craving feeling each of us have. We need to direct our cravings and yearnings to Him, because He truly is the only one who can fill that place.

I know I have had several things in my life over the years that I have used to fill up the places that felt empty. Any one of us can turn to:

Food, alcohol, sex, drugs, relationships, TV, pornography, the internet, unhealthy relationships, money, security, shopping, children, hobbies, habitual sin of some kind, sleep, daydreaming as a way of escaping, friendships, work, status, the gifts God has given you, or even ministry.

We can turn to these things to fill ourselves up or numb the pain in our lives. When we do this, we are actually making them into idols. Idols aren’t just gold calves that we hear about in the bible. Idols are anything that we place in front of God.

You might not be bowing down to a golden calf, but is there something that is taking God’s place in your heart?

When we put other things in front of Him, this puts a wall up in between us, and we will not experience intimacy with Him when we do this. So often we don’t even realize this is what we’re doing, but it’s crucial to acknowledge. We must surrender these things to God in order to have an intimate relationship with Him.

Maybe you don’t even need to give something up, but you need to forgive someone.

When we hold onto unforgiveness, this harms us. Unforgiveness puts up a wall between us and God. It is so important to forgive others. This is not saying that what they did was right or ok! God has commanded us to forgive others, and when we do, we release ourselves from that situation. Did you know that so often, when people finally decide to forgive, healing occurs in their hearts and bodies?

Jesus wants to have an intimate relationship with you!

He knows you like no one else, and He still wants you.

He knows everything you’ve ever done (and will do), and He still wants to have a relationship with you.

He knows every fiber of your entire being, and He still loves you!

He sees you very differently than you see yourself.

When He looks at you, He is not disappointed. He is not wishing you were someone else. He knows who He created you to be, and that is who He sees when He looks at you.

There is so much that He is speaking to you each day. Are you listening?

He longs for communication with you. I encourage you to take the time to sit quietly and listen to what He’s speaking to you, because He is saying something! He wants to have an intimate relationship with you.

Lord, I pray that you help each one of us develop intimacy with you. You are trustworthy, and our hearts are safe with you. Please forgive us for the idols we have been turning to, instead of you. Show us where we have been looking to other people/things to fill us up. Help us to turn to you to fill those places, instead. There is no depth to the intimacy we can have with you! In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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